International ChoreoLab Austria 2013STONE bound_BODY motion

The International ChoreoLab Austria (ICLA) was initiated in 2009 by the choreographer Sebastian Prantl and the pianist Cecilia Li who are artistic directors of Tanz Atelier Wien. Its objective is art – based research in the interface of body, mind and nature. The ICLA aims to lift choreography out of the confines of stage production and to expand it to the field of quotidian sequences of movement, knowledge production and cultural techniques of body and mind.

Protagonists from various fields of arts and sciences are being invited to step in an active exchange with one another. The ICLA is designed to stimulate the exchange of expertise beyond the confines of single disciplines and to create a space where new synergies can emerge.

ICLA 2013: STONE bound_BODY motion

At the centre of ICLA 2013 stands the multilayered materiality of the body. The bones of the human skeleton, the hardest and densest part of the human body landscape, serve as a conceptual starting point for the interaction with the atmosphere in and around the ancient stone quarry of St. Margarethen. For centuries, its stones served as building material for Vienna and can therefore be regarded as the ‘skeleton’ of the metropolis. ‘Stone’ as a metaphor for bound corporality – subjected to gravity – is turned into a discursive field of various manifestations.

In practice, the economic structure of manifold body activities will not only be scrutinised and cultivated by means of dance but also by body-, stone-, and fieldwork. The creation of a stone- and garden landscape will be turned into a long-term project where efforts are being compensated and balanced by means of specific work on body awareness. Thus, body work is transformed into dance and displays a reunion with the elementary in an age where the majority of people is performing their reduced physical work mainly in urban environments in front of the computer and is rarely able to compensate it with body work.

Time, endurance, climate, formation, sequence of working processes, regeneration and meditation are the themes of STONE bound_BODY motion. International docents are going to teach various approaches to dance and body awareness and analyse their (meta)physical, cultural and economic make-up. Teaching will take place in groups as well as in single constellations.

Target group

The ICLA aims at bringing people of different disciplinary backgrounds together. It is characterised by a high level of internationality, motivation and enthusiasm of participants and experts.

Performers and people who take an interest in movement and body work are invited to the collective unfolding of creative potential in a communicative forum. The target group includes protagonists of various fields such as the arts, architecture, humanities, (new) media, life sciences and pedagogy. The language of instruction is English (with spontaneous translations into German if needed).

Art & Nature Sanctuary St. Margarethen/Burgenland

The International ChoreoLab Austria will take place in the art and nature sanctuary of St. Margarethen in the east of Austria (one hour drive from Vienna). Sculptures and land art manifestations which are the outcome of the International Sculptors Symposium Movement, shape the landscape and inspire artistic cooperation since 1959. The gentle Pannonian climate and its unique landscape will be topic and stimulus for collaborative work. The daily lectures and exercises are going to take place in and around the sculptors’ house and are going to be extended into the surrounding.


24th of August – 1st of September 2013


Sculptors House

Art and nature sanctuary of St. Margarethen  / Burgenland, Austria