Kosso Eloul

b. 22 January 1920 in Murom in the former Soviet Union, d. 8 November 1995 in Toronto (CDN); Israeli-Canadian sculptor

1924Emigration to Tel Aviv in Mandatory Palestine
from 1938Trained as a sculptor at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem
1943  Trained under Frank Lloyd Wright at the Art Institute of Chicago
from 1943 Trained under László Moholy-Nagy at the Chicago School of Design
1943-1944 Moved to Philadelphia, served in the American Navy
1948  Studio in Ramat Gan; curator of the "New Horizons" artists' circle
1951First solo exhibition in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1958  Represented Israel at the Venice Biennale
1961Forma Viva Sculpture Symposium in Yugoslavia
1962Sculpture symposium in the Negev in Israel
1963  Participation in the Symposium of European Sculptors 1961–1963 (Berlin Wall Symposium Berlin) with Herbert Baumann, Erich Reischke and Yasuo Mizui, where Eloul created a stone sculpture in the Tiergarten district of Berlin.
1964 Toronto, Canada
1965-1966 UCLA Long Beach
1965Organized a sculpture symposium with participants including the Dutch sculptors Joop Beljon and Lucien den Arend

 Sculptures by Kosso Eloul can be found in public places in many towns and cities in Canada.