Péter Pierre Székely

b. 11 June 1923 in Budapest (H), d. 3 April 2001 in Paris (F); Franco-Hungarian sculptor 

from 1941Sculpture under the tutelage of Hanna Dallos
1944Labour camp, escape to Budapest
Moved to France with the artist Vera Harsány
1955First exhibition in Paris
1955-1966Lived in Marcoussis, France
Late 1960sWorked in the granite quarries of Brittany
from 1980Regularly visited Perros-Guirec, Brittany, where he worked as a sculptor on works in granite
Taught the philosophy of art at the universities of Kanazawa (Japan), Hong Kong (China), New York and Detroit (USA) and Thessaloniki and Athens (Greece)
Appointed honorary doctor by the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands, and nominated for the Ordre national du Mérite; recognition by the government of Hungary and the administration in Baranya, Hungary

Many works by Székely are in museums and exhibitions, chiefly in France and Japan. Several of his sculptures are on display in the sculpture park in Pécs near Museum Székely.