Yoshikuni Iida

b. 10 July 1923 in Ashikaga (J), d. 19 April 2006 in Matsumoto (J); Japanese painter and sculptor

1949Graduation in art history from the prestigious Keio private university in Tokyo
1953 Graduation in oil painting from the prestigious Tokyo University of the Arts; first exhibition in the Maruzen Gallery in Tokyo
1956Travelled to Europe where he worked in Rome, Vienna and West Berlin. Switched from painting to the plastic arts
1961Förderungspreis (Funding Award) of the City of Vienna
1968Returned to Japan via Canada and the USA 
1983 Professor of Architecture at Hōsei University in Tokyo
Numerous exhibitions in Japan and elsewhere, including London, New York and Frankfurt am Main

Yoshikuni Iida was married to the Austrian Katharina Beitl, a relative of the writer and European scholar Richard Beitl.