Joachim-Fritz Schultze-Bansen

b. 1926 in Berlin (D), d. 2005 in Berlin (D); German sculptor

1950-1951 Studied at the University of Applied Arts in Berlin-Weißensee
1951-1958Studied sculpture at the University of Art, Berlin
1954-1955Visit to Turkey
from 1959  Sculptor in Berlin
1961First national symposium in Germany: Kaisersteinbruch Sculpture Symposium in Gaubüttelbrunn. Organizers: Schultze-Bansen, Erich Reischke and Herbert Baumann (all members of the Symposium of European Sculptors), assisted by Professors Karl Hartung and Alexander Gonda
1961Towards the end of October 1961, the participants in the Gaubüttelbrunn symposium decided to stage a symposium in Berlin to protest against the construction of the Berlin Wall: the Symposium of European Sculptors 1961–1963, the so-called Wall Symposium. During this symposium, Schultze-Bansen produced two stone sculptures.
1964-1965  Guest lecturer at the University of Art, Berlin